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Salomon Lawn Care & Exterior's team provides sod installation (sodding) services throughout the Greater St Louis Metro area.  We emphasize high quality work, and employ the best materials available to assure a healthy and sustainable turf from the ground up! Our experience in sodding St Louis's  awns enables us to effectively deal with the challenges posed by clay soil, raccoons, moles, and grading issues – all to create a sustainable lawn, that is to be enjoyed for many years to come!

Fresh, healthy, thick turf around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house, by absorbing excess sunlight!  Request a free estimate today – and enjoy a perfect green lawn in no time!

We come highly recommended and provide one of the best quality Sodding (Turfing) services available throughout the St Louis Mo area, with our focus on top quality sod and soils, as well as superb post-installation service and support.

What is Sod?

Sod, also known as turf, is a ready-made grass, that is brought over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. Growing turf on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong, and healthy grass turf can be created. The proximity of sod farms to St Louis Mo, allows for fresh sod to be delivered right to the client's sodding site, on the day of the job, providing us with optimal conditions to create the best turf possible around your lawn and house.

There are several factors affecting the cost of sodding & turfing a new lawn:

Project size – the larger the area to be sodded is, the lower will be the cost per square foot. We serve properties with minimum size of 300 square foot.

Quality of existing soil – depleted, clay soil requires more than just one inch of soil to be worked in. We carefully evaluate each project, and advise on soil requirements – our goal is that you install a new lawn only once, for many years to come.

Grading issues – uneven areas, or significant changes to the terrain, may affect the cost of installing a new lawn.

Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors can put a sodding installation and turf restoration project into action.  Contact Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors today @ (314) 422-5867 or email us @
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“Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors worked diligently on our lawn landscaping this past year.  All we can tell you is that my husband and I were so extremely grateful for the magnificent job that this company did for us. We had our house built 12 years ago and had always tackled our own lawn care and landscaping projects.  

From the first time we met Salomon and his crew we were impressed. They were wonderful; their project estimate was extremely fair, they always showed up when they promised to be there, they always left our lawn in clean shape after each day on the project, and they greatly improved our homes value by the fantastic work that they did! 

We can't say enough about how happy we were with the work they did. . .  To wrap up our viewpoint of Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors is simple;   Lovely owner, caring crew, and very knowledgeable about the services they provide ... Great Job!  We will be calling them very soon for more exterior work to our home. Ultimately, we would recommend Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors to anyone looking to have any outdoor lawn care service project done to their home." 

~ Sharon & Martin Owen
Fenton, MO
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