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“Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors worked diligently on our lawn landscaping this past year.  All we can tell you is that my husband and I were so extremely grateful for the magnificent job that this company did for us. We had our house built 12 years ago and had always tackled our own lawn care and landscaping projects.  

From the first time we met Salomon and his crew we were impressed. They were wonderful; their project estimate was extremely fair, they always showed up when they promised to be there, they always left our lawn in clean shape after each day on the project, and they greatly improved our homes value by the fantastic work that they did! 

We can't say enough about how happy we were with the work they did. . .  To wrap up our viewpoint of Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors is simple;   Lovely owner, caring crew, and very knowledgeable about the services they provide ... Great Job!  We will be calling them very soon for more exterior work to our home. Ultimately, we would recommend Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors to anyone looking to have any outdoor lawn care service project done to their home." 

~ Sharon & Martin Owen
Fenton, MO
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