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You take pride in your home and so do we. That's why Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors is very serious about doing the most professional St Louis Mo lawn care & grass cutting / mowing service job on your yard each and every time. We're also price-conscious like you, so we work hard to offer you great landscape maintenance at a great price. Whether you need basic grass cutting or a completely manicured landscape, Salomon Lawn Care has a lawn care maintenance plan to meet your needs while fitting comfortably within your budget.

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Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors has a wealth of knowledge regarding tree trimming and pruning in St Louis Mo.  Pruning is periodically required on most all of the landscape’s trees and shrubs. Pruning establishes a growth habit and branching that is not only appealing but will improve the strength and health of the plant. The season for pruning will be different depending on the plant in question. Most trees and shrubs are best pruned when dormant. Flowering shrubs should be pruned each season after the flowers disappear as blooms often appear on last season’s growth. 

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Webster Groves Mo Snow Plowing & Removal
Webster Groves Mo Leaf Removal & Lawn Clean-Up 

Whether you are covering natural areas, mulching the garden, spreading compost, or back filling a retaining wall Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors can get the job done timely and professionally. We want to be your one stop shop for all your St Louis mulching & spreading service needs. Your repeat business is important to us so we strive to be the best at what we do.  

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As the weather deteriorates, count on Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors to be there for you. With a fleet of equipment including plow trucks, loaders and salt/sand spreaders to free the gridlock after those St Louis Mo snow and ice storms.  What’s more important than reliable equipment? ... Accountability!  If you hire Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors as your residential or commercial snow removal contractor in St Louis Mo, an employee of Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors will provide your service using equipment owned by us and will not sub-contract out your work to anyone else.  

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At Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors  we specialize in St Louis leaf removal and yard clean-up.  We can clean up and remove any type of yard waste you've got. Whether you've got leaves that need to be raked, heavy branches, or painful thorn bush clippings you can count on Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors to clean up and restore your yard and haul your stress away!  So, instead of lugging, loading, and dumping dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks, poison ivy and other waste in your personal vehicle, call Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors to take care of it for you!

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Plantings: When it comes to St Louis Mo planting project servicesSalomon Lawn Care & Exteriors can do do it all. From foundations plantings to elaborate estate gardens, we specialize in getting it planted right the first time. Whether it's a perennial garden, a privacy screen, a new lawn, or large trees, our installation techniques, and materials are the best of the best.  

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 For the landscape of your dreams, you can count on the expertise of Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors for your landscaping service project in St Louis Mo.  Whether it's a commercial or home landscape project, our experts will create a landscape that will capture your vision and provide enjoyment for many years to come. 

Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors has a reputation throughout the Greater St Louis Mo landscaping service industry for being able to tackle even the most complex projects. We earned this reputation by paying attention to details…all the details.

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Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors offers lawn fertilization and weed control services throughout the Greater St Louis area.  These lawn fertilization and weed control practices entail applying the right products at the right time to control target weeds. Weed control management is a service which includes lawn fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices.  These practices along with fertilization will keep the grass thriving while the weeds disappear.
Weed control programs may involve both preemergent and postemergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and in the summer to control pervasive weeds. 

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Having your St Louis home washed & pressure cleaned (power washed) not only removes dirt, grime and cobwebs, but it helps reduce maintenance. Keeping the exterior paint of your home clean helps to reduce color fading, leads to longer lasting paint jobs. We use environmentally safe cleaning agents that are safe and won’t harm you, the exterior of your home, your family, your pets or your landscaping. Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors can safely clean and protect the exterior of your house including: aluminum, vinyl, painted and unpainted wood, steel, brick and masonry. We use gentle detergents and low pressure to insure no damages. We have equipment to reach up to 3 stories in height.

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Don’t let it happen to you! Clogged gutters can cause lots of problems and disasters such as: Rotten soffits, Roof damage, Soggy shingles, Ice dams, 
Leaky basements, Soil erosion, Foundation cracks and many more problems!  Just one backed-up downspout can cause thousands of dollars in damage. A wise St Louis Mo homeowner will have their gutter system inspected and have their gutters cleaned on an annual basis.  Let Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors give you a free estimate!

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Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors is St Louis's best full service fencing installation company providing the highest quality fence to residential and commercial customers all over Greater St Louis Mo. With a wealth of knowledge and a lot of experience building fences, Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors provides many options for fencing including wood and vinyl.  We are sure to be able to meet any type of fencing need project for a variety of projects, large or small. Custom designed fencing is also an option with Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors.  

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If your front lawn or back lawn has more weeds and dirt patches than grass, it's probably time to start thinking about a new St Louis Mo grass sodding project from Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors!

Salomons Lawn Care & Exteriors will make your front lawn or back lawn so green and so beautiful that your neighbours will definitely be GREEN with envy!

Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors sod installation contractor service supplies homeowners, building contractors, condominiums, rental apartment buildings and even local universities across the 
Greater St Louis Mo area  with high quality, fresh professionally installed sod.

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Webster Groves Mo 63119 Lawn Care Service Company
Looking for a lawn care service company in Webster Groves Mo?  If so, Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors offers lawn care services throughout Webster Groves Mo including the zip code of 63119.

Salomon Lawn Care & Exteriors offers many lawn care services such as: grass cutting, shrub trimming and pruning, mulching services, leaf removal and lawn clean up, planting services, landscaping, weed control, snow plowing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, fence installation and repairing, and sodding services.   
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